Recommended Readings

Devouring business-related and self-help books is a hobby of mine. Below, I have listed books that I recommend with a quick synopsis, why I think it's worth reading, and a link to the Amazon page where you can purchase it (I like hard copies because you can read them anytime/anywhere and you can pass them onto a friend when done). I have read each and every one of these and will never link to something I don't support. Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions about the readings. If you do decide to order one (or anything else on Amazon), I would more than appreciate it if you do it through my affiliate links below. It doesn't cost any more to you and it helps support my efforts on NextImpression. Thanks!

The Startup of You is an incredible book on personal branding. Written by LinkedIn cofounder, Reid Hoffman, and Ben Casnocha, it provides great insight in networking and building your professional and personal image.

SEO Made Simple by Michael H. Fleischner provides easy-to-digest insight into the world of search engines. As you make your way through this quick read, you'll find yourself building an actionable list, whether it's for your website or for your personal brand. 

Helpful Links

Below are some links to webpages that I like to frequent or businesses relating to this website that I recommend. Again, I fully support these links through my personal experience and I have not been paid to post them, they're just organizations that I really like, respect, and trust.

Plain and simple: the only professional networking site out there. If you aren't fully utilizing their profile, job hunt, or recruiting tools, you're behind the curve. It is an excellent way to build your personal brand and leverage your network

There's no quicker way to build a group around an interest that you have and to start building yourself as an influencer.  How else do you think the Next Impression Personal & Professional Development Book Club was started and grew to over a hundred members in just four months?

A small, yet capable, San Francisco-based law firm that is breaking the mold. They reject the statusquo: no stuffy law offices, no massive overhead costs, and no crazy hourly rates. They specialize in legal services and are experienced entrepreneurs with a passion for strategically protecting and growing your idea.

They're like the ZipCar for commercial space. If you need a desk, conference room, or office for an hour, day, or month, Liquidspace can get you setup where, when, and how you need. Great for the budding entrepreneur, sole proprietor, or traveling professional.


Have a recommendation?

Let me know a book and/or link that you've found to be super helpful or interesting. I'll check it out and let you know what I think. If it's a book, give me a little bit to read it and I'll let you know when I do. I'd be happy to give you credit for the submission! 


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