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The Most Important LinkedIn Page You’ve Never Seen

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Sure, you want to create a good looking profile on LinkedIn because you want people to be impressed when they visit, but do you know what's going on behind the scenes? LinkedIn Recruiter; LinkedIn's flagship product that brings in over half their revenue!

Recruiter allows companies to anonymously see all of your profile information, without you knowing they’re checking you out. They then have tools to identify your skillsets, make notes on your profile for further consideration, and other recruitment management tools.

The moral of the story? This is where the profits lie for LinkedIn. While they make improvements to make your experience better and retain you as a candidate, the parallel focus is to improve the experience and results for the 16,000+ (and growing) clients or companies that pay to use LinkedIn Recruiter.

While it fronts as a professional social network, it's main function is a recruitment tool. I don't necessarily mean to put a negative spin on this, just something to keep in mind as you populate your profile, interact with others, or if you're an HR person and need an awesome recruiting tool.

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