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Do You Possess The 3 Traits of a Successful Job Seeker?

A summary of the article written by Mary Eileen Williams

While this article is geared towards an older crowd, I think it's quite applicable to everyone. So here's the short of it... make sure you possess the following traits to ensure a successful job hunt:

Focus - Know your skills, know how to sell your skills for this particular pursuit, and know how to sell yourself. Ms. Williams provides some helpful links to help you master this art. It really is an art. I could dedicate a whole article, if not a book, on how to focus your skills on the job at hand.

Confidence - You are perfect for this job. All your experience applies in one way or another. Show no weakness!

Enthusiasm - Show enthusiasm and energy for the job, company, and yourself to seal the deal on the cultural fit.

That's about it, but very important stuff if you're missing the marks. If you want to read the details and get some tips, you can view the article here.

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