Welcome to the NextImpression Blog ... a place to discuss everything regarding personal branding, career transitions, and brand building. I'm very excited to finally be launching NextImpression. While the actual concept for the page has been a recent development, the inspiration and motivation has been building over the past several years. As someone who has experienced first hand a formative career transition, and has subsequently helped many others do the same, I'm very excited to get right to it and start publishing some blog posts based on what I've learned through my experiences. Furthermore, being fully self-aware of my limitations, I will strive to provide insight from other thought-leaders in the industry by posting related stories, conducting interviews, and having guest authors.

To learn more about me and NextImpression, please check out our About page or any of the social links below. If you have any questions or would like to see specific content, please feel free to contact me directly at ben@nextimpression.net or leave a comment below.

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